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Parag Milk Foods Ltd.


We offer an exclusive range of Dairy Products to the widely spread clients. Our product range includes a vast variety of Milk, Milk Powder, Dahi, Ghee, Butter, Cheese, Cheese Powder, Cheese Spread and Gulab Jamun Instant Mix. Our products are manufactured from the premium quality and 100% pure cow milk, procured from our own cow farm. We never leave a gap to satisfy our clients fully with our top quality Dairy Products.

We also provide the customized production and packaging services to our clients to meet their specific requirements. Our products serve the purposes of various industries like retail industry, hospitality. Our products are highly appreciated for their vast features like quality, purity, range, superb taste, etc. We offer the Dairy products at really affordable prices to the clients, spread across the globe.


We are renowned as the prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the best quality Cheese. Over the years our Cheese is being demanded greatly by the buyers as it is natural and available at economical prices. We offer a varying range of Cheese to the clients widely spread across the globe.

  • Cheese Slices

    Net Weight : 100gm

    Energy : 54 kcal

    Total Fat : 4.6g/1 Slice(20gm)

    Cholesterol : 13.0mg/1 Slice(20gm)

    Sodium : 200mg/1 Slice(20gm)

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    Cheese Slices

  • Cheese Block

    Energy : 162 Kcal/50g

    Total Fat : 13/50g

    Protein : 9g/50g

    Sodium : 500mg/50g

    Cholesterol : 45mg/50g

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    Cheese Block

  • Cheese Spread

    Net Weight : 200gm

    Brand Name : Go

    Type : Soft & Creamy

    Energy : 13.5 kcal/1 Teaspoon(5g)

    Total Fat : 1.2g/1 Teaspoon(5g)

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    Cheese Spread

  • Cheese Processed Angles

    Protein : 3.6 G/1 Portion(20gm)

    Brand Name : Go

    Net Weight : 160gm

    Total Fat : 5.2g/1 Portion(20gm)

    Cholesterol : 18.0mg/1 Portion(20gm)

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    Cheese Processed Angles

  • Natural Cheese Shredded

    Brand Name : Go

    Type : Shredded Mexican Style

    Net Weight : 150gm

    Energy : 182 kcal/50gm

    Total Fat : 14g/50gm

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    Natural Cheese Shredded

  • Pizza Cheese

    Brand Name : Go

    Net Weight : 200gm

    Total Fat : 12g/50gm

    Energy : 153 kcal/50gm

    Cholesterol : 45mg/50gm

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    Pizza Cheese

  • Gowardhan Processed Cheese

    Brand Name : Gowardhan

    Net Weight : 200gm

    Protein : 9g/50gm

    Energy : 148 kcal/50gm

    Sodium : 500mg/50gm

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    Gowardhan Processed Cheese

Milk Powder

We are a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the best quality Milk Powder. The top quality Milk Powder manufactured by us is a great and healthier option for people, as it is absolutely free from any harmful substances and it is natural in taste.

  • Full Cream Milk Powder

    Shelf Life : 6months

    Form : Powder

    Features : Excellent In Taste, Highly Nutritious

    Uses : Making Tea-Coffee

    Purity : 100%

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    Full Cream Milk Powder

  • Skimmed Milk Powder

    Application : Proteni Shake, Bakery Products

    Form : Powder

    Features : Excellent In Taste, Good For Health, Non Harmful

    Purity : 100%

    Total Carbohydrates : 52 g per 100 gm

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    Skimmed Milk Powder

  • Whey Milk Powder

    Form : Powder

    Total Carbohydrates : 52 g per 100 gm

    Usage : Home, Bakery

    Cholesterol : 0.23mg

    Shelf Life : 12 month

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    Whey Milk Powder

  • Sweetened Milk Powder

    Shelf Life : 6months

    Color : White

    Form : Powder

    Uses : Drinking, Making Tea-Coffee

    Features : Rich and smooth taste, Made from partially skimmed spray dried milk, Store at ambient temperature

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    Sweetened Milk Powder

Other Products

  • 200 gm Go Mozzarella Blend Diced

    Ingredient Type : ‎Vegetarian

    Item Package Quantity : 1

    Manufacturer : Go Cheese

    Feature : Easy to Spread and Use

    Weight : ‎200 Grams

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    200 gm Go Mozzarella Blend Diced

  • Fresh Butter

    Application : Cooking, Snacks

    Shelf Life : 12 Months

    Feature : Delicious, Non Harmful, Nutritious

    Form : Solid

    Purity : 100%

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    Fresh Butter

  • Pure Ghee

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Usage : Cooking, Worship

    Form : Paste

    Features : Freshness, Good Quality, Nutritious

    Purity : 100%

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    Pure Ghee

  • Fresh Curd

    Features : Economical, Natural, Superb taste, Great nutritional value

    Protein : 4 gm

    Total Fat : 3 gm

    Usage : Restaurant, Home

    Features : Made from superior quality of milk

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    Fresh Curd

  • Fresh Milk

    Application : Bakery Products, Human Consumption

    Purity : 99.9%

    Feature : Economical

    Form : Liquid

    Sodium : 44 mg

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    Fresh Milk